High definition simulation CRM and Human Factors Effective discussion and debrief
For More info contact:
Communications Department
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
220 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8SD
Phone: 020 7783 2286
Cute sick newborn premature neonatal baby swaddled in bunny blanket placed in incubator chamber in hospital.
In this image: Paramedic Katherine Marx (in green top) and Matron Julie Stockwell (in dark black/blue top)

The Neonatal Transfer Service is a specialist team of paramedics, nurses and consultants providing a dedicated service for newborn babies when they need transport between hospitals.    

For More info contact:
Communications Department
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
220 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8SD
Phone: 020 7783 2286

STAN Course

Bookings now open

Stabilisation and Transfer of the
Acutely unwell Neonate

a new training course specially developed to teach and embed the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed for a safe and efficient neonatal transfer

  • physics of transfer: movement, noise, vibration their risks to the infant
  • psychology of transfer: parents’ perspectives, team dynamics, operating across units and trusts
  • logistics of transfer: who, what, when, where, why and how
  • hot cases: PPHN, Meconium Aspiration, Cooling, Extreme Preterm
  • generic equipment training and troubleshooting… who’s the DOPE?
  • planning and undertaking a repatriation transfer for your own unit
  • high definition in-ambulance simulation

Suitable for:

  • neonatal consultants and paediatric consultants with a neonatal interest
  • ST4+ paediatric and neonatal grid trainees
  • senior nurses with strong neonatal ITU experience

Bookings now open for 23-24th October 2019!

STAN is the only dedicated and openly available neonatal transport course in England and has had a first year of sell-out courses and positive feedback from all involved. Following three successful courses in 2018-2019 we have updated and improved our content based on feedback from delegates and faculty ready for the new academic year.

We are keeping course numbers to 24 people in order to provide high quality simulation which is difficult to achieve with larger numbers. If you are keen to take part and have not been able to get a place, please contact us to join the reserve list and hear about new dates as soon as they open up.

If you have any questions, or difficulties registering, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

NESTT Course

Bookings now open

Neonatal Emergency Simulated Team Training

A multi-professional team training course for professionals working with sick neonates. Case scenarios are based on actual transfers from London NTS and the course is facilitated by experienced faculty. Participants will be able to gain insights into teamwork, human factors and CRM.

  • Course Director Dr Syed Mohinuddin, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Experienced multi-professional faculty

We aim to improve participants confidence in dealing with neonatal emergencies working in a team

What will I gain: insights into the impact of Human factors and Crisis resource management and their application in clinical emergencies

What we can offer you: an effective team learning environment to achieve course objectives

Implications for Practice: confidence in management of neonatal emergencies, networking and sharing of good practice

Upcoming courses: 14th October and 2nd December 2019