NESTT Course

Neonatal Emergency Simulated Team Training

A multi-professional simulation course for teams working with sick neonates. Case scenarios based on real emergencies, facilitated by experienced faculty give participants insights into teamwork, human factors and CRM.

STAN Course

Stabilisation and Transfer of the Acutely unwell Neonate

A dedicated transport course for senior nurses and doctors to prepare or update their skills for working with a neonatal transfer service, and for those undertaking ad-hoc transports as part of a neonatal unit role.

NESTT Course

Neonatal Emergency Simulated Team Training

a multi-professional team training course for professionals working with sick neonates

Case scenarios are based on actual transfers from London NTS and the course is facilitated by experienced faculty. Participants will be able to gain insights into teamwork, human factors and CRM.

  • Course Director Dr Syed Mohinuddin, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Experienced multi-professional faculty

We aim to improve participants confidence in dealing with neonatal emergencies working in a team

What will I gain: insights into the impact of Human factors and Crisis resource management and their application in clinical emergencies

What we can offer you: an effective team learning environment to achieve course objectives

Implications for Practice: confidence in management of neonatal emergencies, networking and sharing of good practice

Upcoming NESTT courses

STAN Course

Stabilisation and Transfer of the Acutely unwell Neonate

a new training course specially developed to teach and embed the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed for a safe and efficient neonatal transfer

STAN is a course specially developed to teach and embed the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed for a safe and efficient neonatal transfer. Through lectures, small group case-based tutorials, workshops and high definition simulation this course helps to build confidence for the new transport clinician and provide valuable CPD and networking opportunities to more experienced colleagues.

Launched in 2018, STAN has proven to be popular and places have always been in high demand, it is recommended to book early and secure your place.

STAN Course is suitable for:

  • neonatal consultants and paediatric consultants with a neonatal interest
  • Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNPs) or international equivalent
  • ST4+ paediatric and neonatal grid training post doctors, or international equivalent
  • senior nurses with strong neonatal ITU experience
  • experienced paramedics, nurses and doctors working for interfacility transport teams who take part in neonatal transport

Course structure and content

The course takes a structured approach to developing or updating your neonatal transport skills. Those new to transport will find that the course follows a logical progression from theory, via practical learning, ending and consolidating with high definition simulated scenarios. Those with transport experience will benefit from reviewing their background knowledge and honing their skills as part of the simulated team.


Course participants will be expected to comply with social distancing and any requirements that are in place at the time for access to the site including mask-wearing and personal temperature checks. Any delegate who is unable to attend due to unexpected COVID isolation will be offered an in-person day at the next available course.

Lectures and group discussions

  • background to transfer: the role of neonatal transport teams in the UK
  • physics of transfer: movement, noise, vibration and their risks to the infant
  • psychology of transfer: human factors and CRM
  • logistics of transfer: making it happen


  • the workshops focus on the core practical skills for conducting a safe neonatal transfer, especially moving a baby from a hospital cot and incubator across to a transport incubator with ventilation and drug infusions


  • high-definition clinical simulation within a real ambulance
  • simulated ambulance environment with high-definition simcubator transport system
  • simulated resuscitation room environment
  • in-ambulance vehicle safety scenarios
  • high quality debrief with experienced instructors

Sample timetable

If you would like to view a sample timetable for a typical course, please use the link below. The course is continuously updated based on feedback from delegates, so there may be changes and improvements when you attend the course.

Changes for November 2023

With the ever-increasing pressures on the NHS and on staff time, we have moved away from running the course using the resources of London NTS, which means there is a higher cost to cover hiring a conference centre and catering, and having all the resources for high quality teaching and simulation.

We would like to run at least two STAN courses per year, and there will be more dates coming soon. If you are keen to take part and have not been able to get a place, please contact us to join the reserve list and hear about new dates as soon as they open up. We are also keen to look at opportunities to tour across the UK and further afield. If you would like to organise a STAN course for your team or unit, please contact us to discuss.

Upcoming STAN courses